Baron La Croix

by Ghosts of Dixie

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This is an avant-garde album that touches many genre of rock and roll.


released October 11, 2013



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


Ghosts of Dixie Austin, Texas

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Track Name: Sheep Skinned Wolf
I don’t need an old lady, I don’t want no job
Not trying to say I want to be lazy, Not trying to say I want to be a slob
oh look at me, a sheep skinned wolf indeed
So stay away, away from me
Cuz I’ll take you for everything you’ve got, and anything you’ve ever seen
Take a look and see, a sheep skinned wolf indeed
Bring it on up, and when I tell you get back down
I’m only here to bring you up to big bad side of town 2x
Roll, roll, roll
Roll gotta roll gotta hit ease my soul, gotta roll gotta roll gotta hit that road
And I said, woah 4x
Track Name: Malicious
Rattlesnake fangs, chicken bones,
just a single drop of blood,
Take the spine from a live gators back,
Rip a catfish from the mud… oh so malicious
I am the one that goes bump in the night,
creeping just beyond your sight,
I have stalked you maybe once or twice,
you took the chance you threw the dice….
oh better lay brick down, cuz I am so malicious
You could not imagine the place I’ve been,
nor the place you’re going to be,
Oh you messed up when you sat down,
and you summoned me…..
oh better lay brick, cuz I am so malicious
Won’t you come with me, my sweet Cherie
It’s not so bad, to be dead
Track Name: My Baby She Left Me
Oh my babe she done left me, and I don’t know why
Yeah my babe she done left me, she’s gone for good this time
I probably should have stopped her, but I didn’t even try.
And now she’s gone, gone, gone, but I won’t let it get my down
No, I won’t be sad, cuz I’m going to town
Oh she treat me oh so bad, lost the best thing all around.
And don’t you know I can squeeze, oh don’t you know I can please
But you had to freeze, and turn into a tease
Oh baby you did me wrong, thank the lord that you are gone
Now I can breath, yes I am finally free
Please don’t show me empathy, I can now be me
Oh darlin’ you are lost and I am Found
Track Name: Shades of Pinetop
I am Pinetop, thank you for coming on out / I’m here to make you boogie,woogie,jit,jize,shiver and shout
But along the way I wanna tell you what it’s all about
Rock n Roll music, well it ain’t hard / You feel that spirit burnin, comes out of your guitar
And when it really gets going, you are a star
Now-a-days rock and roll ain’t got no soul / You can hear the music but it just ain’t whole
As far as that record man concerned, it’s getting sold
This music hear is meant to make you feel good / Maybe even think for yourself like you should
I’d take you to the golden gates, if I could
I see you baby dancing out there
Moving and grooving just swinging your hair
I’ll put your mind at ease, you won’t have a care
Track Name: Stumble Funky
I woke up this morning, what could I do, except get a little stumble funky with you
I said groove mama groove, until the break of dawn
I don’t want no excuses, wont you get your stumble funky on

Baby baby, you lookin kinda steamed, Why don’t you don’t you take a walk with me
I said groove mama groove, kick some rock rocks on your way
I don’t want no excuses time to get stumble funky

I said groove mama groove, until the break of dawn
I don’t want no excuses wont you get your stumble funk on

Too funky, too stumble stumble funky
Track Name: Slavik Gypsy
I met a girl in Yugoslavia, with eyes like cat her name Alicia
I told her that she could stay, but she instead run away
I drink vodka with Russian, you know kind made from spud
He wept under the moon as I play my song, he pay me in his blood… I sang
I travel road I travel rail, just to sing to you my tail
Searching for my gypsy love, this I hope I do not fail
I have become gypsy man, play my song as much I can
My hand slip and my hand slide, we play and we drink all night…. HEY!
I met a girl in the Ukraine, play tambourine make way by train
I asked her is she knew the one I loved, all she say was Spain
I travel south learn to play mandolin, almost lost my life
It was a cobble street cold night in hell, a Spaniard with a knife… I say
I made it to the new land, but what had beat me was my song
I forgot that gypsy one I love, this is where I Belong